Berkeley Middle East Investors Club is a patent gold standard signature business club. We focus on both creating a global investors community and building a bridge to the skills and ideas of high level professionals with the aim to serve the international investment industry, in order to create value for the society. Berkeley Middle East Investors Club dynamically promotes investments as an independent Non-Profit-Organisation, joined by Government entities, large multinational corporations, small and medium sized companies, and prominent investors, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Berkeley Middle East Investors Club provides opportunity for members to connect, share, present and create investment propositions, which are unique, innovative and fruitful. It is a platform where billionaires, millionaires and the business world mingle up with each other, sharing the success stories, investment methodologies, challenges and risks, and a lot more in networking events, conferences, seminars, and talk shows.


Members of Investors Club encompass all business sectors and comprise of global investors, local investors who exclusively represent companies and individuals who can contribute to the mission and objectives of Investors Club. Membership is offered at different levels to best suit your level of investment. Each type of membership is described in more detail for your reference.


  • Stefan Hofer
    Chairman – Berkeley Middle East Investors Club,
    Partner, International Business Relations – Berkeley Middle East Holding
    Khulood Sha’ban
    Female Chairperson – Berkeley Middle East Investors Club, Chief Executive Officer – Berkeley Middle East Holding

    Dr. Musa Shaikh
    Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding, Government Policy Advisor for Smart Country
  • Jessica Augustin
    Director – ADAM Global
    Strategic Marketing Committee – Berkeley Middle East Investors Club
    Asif Sabir
    CEO – myLearningKey, Technology & Solutions Director at DataPillar – MEA