Workshop “HR FOR NON-HR” – Strategic Human Resources Management – July 13, 2019 @Dubai World Trade Centre


This workshop is designed for all leaders, who are interested to know more about the basic science of strategic HRM, in order to be able to manage & direct successfully business units with P&L responsibility. All relevant business achievements are always depending on the people who are involved, as well as on the design of the organisation in which they have to perform accordingly. 

A real leader has to be aware about what is going on in the personnel department, how they plan, recruit and reimburse the success-relevant team, which in the end determines the results of all his endeavours.  


Human Assets Learning & Development Conference & Awards – November 30, 2019 @Dubai World Trade Centre

This Event is an initiative of Berkeley Middle East Forums which aims at the Human Capital learning and development so they can create difference in the world and contribute towards the society by utilizing their skills.

This event is Berkeley Middle East signature event and is the largest business gathering in the region. We facilitate connections, provide innovative, and be a resource for growth to clients and stakeholders. This event is designed to accelerate the growth of Human Resources through access to information, contacts and capital. This is suitable for anyone in any stage. For those just getting started to those in be in Human resource management for decades, and for those working individual who want to explore their potential as professionals there are resources and opportunities to grow and learn.