Dr. Musa Shaikh
Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding, Royal Family Business Advisor, Government Policy Advisor for Smart Country
Khulood Sha’ban
Royal Business advisor & Women Business Leader
Stefan Hofer
Chairman – Berkeley Middle East Investors Club, Partner & International Business Relations – Berkeley Middle East Holding
Syed Shahzad Shah
Director Public Relationships – Berkeley Middle East Holding, Board Member – Investors Club
Azfar Tahir
Country Director – Operations & Business Development at RE/MAX OMAN
Rowena Bethel
Member – African Training and Research Centre
Tamer Mitwally
Senior Investment Advisor for Public & Private Sector
Qasim Mahmood
Senior Advisor to Government & Private Sector for Innovation
Imran Zamir
Senior Advisor to Government & Private Sector for Foreign Direct Investment
Abdulla Aljunaibi
Partner – Berkeley Middle East Consultants