THE INVESTORS CLUB is a patent Gold standard signature Business Club focusing on bridging investor communities globally and bringing professional skills and ideas together, with the aim to multiply wealth and creating a value to the society.

THE INVESTORS CLUB strives to promote investments as an independent, not-for-profit association joined by Government entities, large multinational corporations, small and medium sized companies, and prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs & investors.

THE INVESTORS CLUB provides opportunities for members to connect, share, present and create investment propositions, which are unique and innovative.

THE INVESTORS CLUB is a platform where billionaires and millionaires mingle up with each other, sharing the success stories, investment methodologies, challenges & risks, and where they regularly meet in networking events, conferences, seminars, and talk shows.


To be a voice of investors by creating trusted partnerships, generating value in society and delivering investment leadership and innovation. 


Club’s Mission is to promote investments in investors globally.


Investments Integrity, professionalism, credibility, accountability and ethics.