Members are an integral part of the Investors club community. Memberships are valid for one year.

Any individual member who joins our club shall be getting the following benefits. 

  • Personal Marketing Package (Your Photo and Logo on our site and our socials)
  • Personal branding with your Introductions to clubs members individuals & companies, through email. One introduction email at the time of joining the club to all databases and marketing and branding across all official social media handles.
  • You can speak 15-minute on the main virtual stage in one of our events suitable to your personal profile.  
  • You can nominate yourself for an award one time at most during the year.
  • Growth of your professional network, assisted by the Club through hand-selected contacts
  • Exchange of business opportunities amongst members
  • Personal  branding-interviews at the Club events
  • 10% Discount prices on all sponsorship opportunities at events
  • Free entry to all standard Investors Club events throughout the year
  • One free guest for 2 chosen events during the years
  • Full access to 1 closed boardroom discussion with VVIP during the year.
  • Access to our 2 VVIP networking events during the year.
  • 20% Discounts on our Certified CEO training.
  • 20% Discounts on our company setup, accounting and bookkeeping, VAT preparation, and filing along with IT consultancy services.

To know more details please send us the email on or register below, filling the form and our membership team will contact you back at earliest.